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The 2018 Walmart and Sam’s Club Miracle Balloon Campaign takes flight

On Monday, August 27, Walmart launched their 31st annual Miracle Balloon Campaign benefiting Children’s Miracle Network. From now until September 23, Walmart will sell balloon icons to raise funds for the many services and programs at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Walmart managers in “jail” to raise funds during the 2017 campaign.

This year, Walmart and Sam’s Club is taking their campaign to new heights with a fundraising goal of $380,000. They are also aiming to reach $1 billion in total lifetime giving to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals across the nation.

To reach their goals each year, Walmart and Sam’s Club employees like to get creative. In the past we’ve seen innovative fundraisers at the store level such as placing a manager in “jail,” and to be released the store had to raise a certain level of funds. We have also witnessed many Walmart and Sam’s Club employees take to wearing crazy bow ties or hats that they wear until their fundraising goal is reached. With so many fun and philanthropic Walmart and Sam’s Club employees in our mix, we can’t wait to see what 2018’s campaign will bring!

Good luck to all of our Walmart and Sam’s Club Partners, we are so grateful for your support!


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