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#StayingHomeFor Oliver

Guest Post by Brandi and Tyler Harrington

When our youngest son was born, he was given a horrifying 1% chance of survival. Today, Oliver is a 3-year-old who loves walking, talking, climbing and wrestling with his siblings. Seattle Children’s gave him that fighting chance.

Oliver was born seven weeks before his due date via emergency C-section. When they cut the umbilical cord, he turned blue immediately. He struggled to breathe and the swelling in his body restricted his blood flow. We knew Oliver’s early arrival was caused by complications in his lungs; once at Seattle Children’s, we learned the issues were the result of a mass in his left lung the size of an adult fist.

After surgeons removed the rare tumor, which measured 4 inches by 3 inches, Oliver started improving right away. Two days later, we finally got to hold our baby for the first time. And his progress continued – within a week, he was taken off the ventilator and took his first breaths on his own!

Our dream of taking Oliver home finally came true when he was 4 weeks old – still nearly three weeks before his expected due date and months before anticipated.

Our family has never taken Oliver’s miracle for granted. We don’t take the health of anyone in our family for granted. As the rates of new COVID-19 infection begin to slow and the sun begins to shine in Seattle, we may all be tempted to take the precautions that got us this far for granted. Please continue to stay home and stay safe. Continue to use social distancing measures, to wash your hands, cover your cough, and take time off if you are sick. These measures will continue to save lives.

We are #StayingHomeFor Oliver. And for vulnerable kids throughout our community.


The COVID-19 epidemic is changing the way the world interacts. Due to this worldwide pandemic, vulnerable children are at risk for complications from the illness. Children’s hospitals are on the front lines, helping these children deal with any complications they may face if they contract the virus.

 You can help protect the most vulnerable kids! Tell us who you are #StayingHomeFor by posting on social media and tagging #SeattleChildrens.