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New Year, Same Goal

The beginning of the New Year often brings reflection upon us all as we set our sights on the year to come and what we hope to accomplish. Here at Seattle Children’s Hospital, we happen to have the same goal every year; to provide the best possible healthcare to every single one of our patients by providing hope, care, and cures.

However until we can say “YES” to every patient that walks through our doors, we cannot achieve our goal. Although at times it may seem unattainable, we inch closer to that goal each and every day thanks to supporters like you.

In 2019, we invite you to continue this journey by our side and make our goal one of your New Year’s resolutions so that every child and their family who seek our help never get turned away.

If this sounds like a goal worth fighting for, consider supporting our Seattle Children’s CMNH team this year whether it be at the check-stand or through a fundraiser of your own!

Happy New Year, and welcome to the team!

Grateful patient Avery Berg and her family enjoying a day on the beach.

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