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Meet the Seattle Children’s CMNH Team: Cristy Magill

We all have that teammate who inspires us to work harder and help others, but also keeps us laughing and on our toes, and the Seattle Children’s Hospital Children’s Miracle Network  team is no exception! Today we have the pleasure of introducing our driven and passionate Program Manager, Cristy Magill.

Cristy has been with the Children’s Miracle Network team at Seattle Children’s for only two years, but she has been an integral member of the team since her arrival! When asked what brought her to this line of work, she said it was first and foremost the mission she serves, but also her team that drew her in.

“I’ve been in the non-profit world for my entire career, and I’ve been drawn to work that supports children for as long as I can remember. It’s humbling, inspiring and oh so fulfilling. These things, combined with the love I have for the brilliant and hilarious team that I work with, make work feel like no work at all!”

Throughout Cristy’s time with the CMNH program so far, her favorite part about Children’s Miracle Network is the innovative resources available that allow her to better serve and support our the patients and their families.

“Having the CMNH network and resources at our disposal means that we are all truly set up to succeed! When we have our historical fundraising data analyzed in every possible way at our fingertips, and when we can hear an unlimited number of best practices and fresh ideas from our peer institutions, we’re allowed to focus only on those things are going to move our partnerships forward and make the biggest impact for our families.”

Thank you for unwavering dedication to helping our patients and their families Cristy. Seattle Children’s Hospital is so grateful to have your innovative ideas and compassionate efforts!


Cristy (left) poses with her teammates Betsy (center) and Kira (right) at their annual CMNH Conference in Orlando, Florida.

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