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Round Up at Chevron This March

Since 2002, Chevron has supported Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in California, Oregon, and Washington through Miracle Balloon Campaigns, grassroots fundraising events, and other programs.

To make a bigger impact Chevron is offering their customers an easier and more convenient way to donate by rounding up their total. From March 1-31 customers can round up their purchase to the next dollar and that spare change will help #ChangeKidsHealth at Seattle Children’s.

All donations stay local, in support of the Greatest Needs fund, ensuring that we have the ability to utilize that money for whatever the most urgent and important needs are at the time. When a sick or injured child needs treatment at Seattle Children’s, parents have many concerns. But thanks to your generosity, they don’t need to worry about the quality of their child’s care – or their ability to pay. Your giving brings healing to children and peace of mind to their families.

Families like Ellia’s.

When Ellia was 3 years old, she developed a fever and became lethargic. Jenna Yee took her to a walk-in clinic where she was prescribed antibiotics for an ear infection. A few days later, Ellia woke up with a rash on her arms and legs, and red dots on her neck.

Jenna Yee brought Ellia to their pediatrician, who sent them to Seattle Children’s Emergency Department for urgent blood testing. Ellia’s dad, Nathan Yee, left work to meet them there.

Nathan Yee and Jenna Yee both have professional experience in cancer research. Jenna Yee was a toxicologist who worked on cancer clinical trials and Nathan Yee was helping develop immunotherapy treatments for adults with leukemia and lymphoma at Juno Therapeutics.

“Hearing Ellia’s symptoms, my first reaction was utter denial,” Nathan Yee says. “I was sure nothing was seriously wrong. But driving to the Emergency Department, I realized the truth was screaming in my face. Ellia had a classic presentation of pediatric leukemia.”

You can read more about Ellia’s story here.