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Meet Emerson

Guest post by Brei Haywood, Emerson’s mom

Our journey began when my husband and I noticed our 3-year-old daughter was not herself. Emerson became very lethargic – a big change from the spunky little personality we were used to. She was struggling with eating and sleeping, and then couldn’t track her eyesight to the left. It was high-risk neuroblastoma, one of the most deadly cancers, and Emerson was in danger because a large tumor had pushed her heart and lung to the middle of her chest.

It turned out the nation’s leading neuroblastoma specialist, Dr. Julie Park, was right in our own backyard at Seattle Children’s. Everything we read and researched said there’s no better place to be for neuroblastoma treatment.

Every moment of Emerson’s 15-month journey was incredibly tough. Her cancer treatment impacted the entire family.

Emerson is now 13 and in the 50% of kids who survive neuroblastoma. She participated in a research trial of immunotherapy that became the standard of care for kids with high-risk neuroblastoma, due to its success rates. We are so grateful for the life saving cancer research at Seattle Children’s.