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Join us for our Extra Life Game Day on November 7th!

Since 2008, Gamers involved in Extra Life have been playing games and healing kids treated at Seattle Children’s.  Last year alone, Extra Lifers playing for Seattle Children’s raised more than $1.5 million for Seattle Children’s Autism Center & the greatest needs fund.

On Saturday, November 7th, Extra Life, a Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals fundraising program, is hosting their annual Game Day broadcast and we want to share how YOU can get involved:

  • Register to Play games, Heal kids at and select Seattle Children’s Hospital
  • Pledge to play games and ask your friends and family to donate.
  • You can play whatever game(s) you like for however long you want on whatever console, platform or place.
  • Not a gamer but still want to help? Donate to a participants page or share about the event on your social media channels.

Our local Extra Life Guild gamers, Seattle Children’s patients & hospital leaders will be participating in our 3rd Annual Extra Life ‘Game On’ Livestream Virtual event on Twitch on November 7th from noon – 3:00 p.m.  Join us here!

Find all the resources and best practices you need to make your Extra Life experience the best. When you pledge to play games, heal kids, you’re helping kids like Malachi.

“When people show up at the hospital, it’s some of their darkest days, some of their hardest times, they come in feeling crushed, defeated. And so, when people donate to the hospital, when people give and support these programs and services, they’re really bringing back light. They’re bringing back that hope, bringing back dreams for the future. I don’t know, it’s –it’s not just the medical teams that make the hospital special. It is the network that is built around it. …And, so, the medical teams are topnotch, the doctors are great, the nurses are amazing, I mean, all the staff is wonderful, but there’s good medical staff at every hospital. It’s everything else built up around the medical care that really makes us feel safe and at home, when we’re there. And that is the stuff that the donors provide, that’s the stuff that the volunteers provide.” – Whitney Stohr, Malachi’s mom

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