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In a Year Like No Other, What Are You Grateful For?

Think back to Dec. 31, 2019. Where were you, and what you were doing? Who were you with? Had you made any new year’s resolutions? What were you most looking forward to in 2020?

Things probably didn’t turn out how you expected. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unanticipated stress and disruption, and we will continue to feel the effects well into 2021.

But 2020 brought more than just the pandemic, and many of us still have much to be grateful for — including, perhaps, some things we had taken for granted prior to COVID-19.

It’s more important than ever to “count our blessings” at the end of 2020.

Here are gratitude stories from the CMNH team at Seattle Children’s. After reading our stories, we invite you to share your own in the comments section!

Kira Haller

This year of change has shown me the undeniable passion and dedication of our Children’s Miracle Network Partners and their many employees, members, guests and customers. They have forged on with fundraising for our patients and families even while they are dealing with many uncertainties in this pandemic. I am lucky to work with the most generous and ardent people anyone could hope for.

While working from home makes me miss my work family, I am enjoying more time with my sweet dogs and cats. They keep me company and active on afternoon walks.

Betsy Rand

As the year comes to a close, I reflect back on the year & all that I am grateful for. While my family & health are at the top of my list, for good reason, I reflect heavily on my work & the dedicated & generous people that surround me. From my colleagues at work who are committed to going above & beyond in the workplace to our supporters in our communities who provide meaning to our work & have not given up efforts to raise funds & awareness for Seattle Children’s. I am eternally grateful!

Erin Moore

I am incredibly grateful to work for an organization that places value in my role as a mother and family caregiver. The grace I was extended while trying to navigate how to do my job remotely while at home with two young kids was so enabling. I realize not everyone is given that space and opportunity and I am deeply indebted to my team and the organization.

I am also extremely thankful for all our CMN Hospitals partners and their enduring commitment to Seattle Children’s. Thank YOU for going above and beyond in 2020!


Erin Moore, Betsy Rand, and Kira Haller celebrating all our wonderful partners at the 2020 CMN Hospitals Partner Summit in February.