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Happy Pride Month! – DM at UW Highlights Access to Healthcare for Transgender Youth

June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month! Pride is celebrated annually to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots — a moment that marked the beginning of the modern LGBTQ+ movement. This is a month of reflection, visibility, and celebration. Let us pay homage to those who made the Stonewall uprising such an historical event by continuing to support our LGBTQ+ communities today.

As part of their annual advocacy efforts, Dance Marathon at the University of Washington hosted a lecture series to share information on how Seattle Children’s is addressing some of the most critical issues of health equity in our community. In February, they spoke with Dr. Gina Sequeira, Acting Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Seattle Children’s Hospital and Co-Director of the Seattle Children’s Gender Clinic about “Access to Healthcare for Transgender Youth”. Representatives from UW Greek Pride participated as well to discuss inclusivity, bias, and useful terminology as well as to highlight resources for their student community.

Seattle Children’s Gender Clinic cares for children, adolescents and young adults:

  • Whose gender identity is different from their sex at birth
  • Who do not identify with the traditional definitions of male or female

We accept new patients ages 17.5 and younger and provide gender-affirming care to people up to age 21. Gender-affirming care is medical and behavioral healthcare that supports an individual through the recognition of their gender identity and expression to achieve their gender-related health goals. Our team:

  • Fully accepts and treats each individual with respect
  • Gives each person personalized care
  • Follows current best practices for transition-related treatments
  • Provides referrals for gender-affirming surgical services


If you would like to support Dance Marathon in their fundraising efforts for Seattle Children’s, please reach out to

Since 2014, Seattle Children’s has achieved Healthcare Equality Index (HEI) Leader or Top Performer Status with the Human Rights Campaign. This status is achieved and maintained by promoting equitable and inclusive care for LGBTQ employees, patients, and their families.