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Happy Halloween from Seattle Children’s CMN Team

Halloween is known as a time to share scary stories. This year, we have chosen instead to share a story that could have been scary, but resulted in a happy ending thanks to the hard work of the experts at Seattle Children’s Hospital!

Our story is told by the parents of one of our amazing patient ambassadors, Caleb.


Caleb was born with a condition called MMIH where his small intestine absorbs nutrients, but his large intestine doesn’t work at all. The intestinal rehabilitation team at Seattle Children’s helps him live his best life at every age and developmental stage. And they have some of the best survival rates in the nation — above 90% for kids with intestinal failure.

Occasionally, our son must be hospitalized because his small intestine freezes up and he can no longer eat by mouth — a situation we’re terrified will become permanent. Having this dedicated, expert team who can wean him off intravenous nutrition and help him get back to eating regular food is a huge weight off our shoulders.

Thanks to Seattle Children’s, Caleb is growing normally and that makes his journey a little less unpredictable. Thanks to your generous support, his care team is with us every step of the way — and that makes our journey a lot less scary.

-Constance and Mychael, Caleb’s parents


Across the country each and every day CMNH supporters say YES to supporting Seattle Children’s Hospital, one dollar or balloon at a time. Thank you to all of our CMN supporters who have helped create a brighter future for our patients and their families!


Caleb with his parents Constance and Mychael.




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