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Fife High School’s FCCLA is Giving Back To Others

On May 9th, 2018 Fife High School’s FCCLA (Family, Career, Community Leaders of America) Club visited Seattle Children’s Hospital. During the tour the students were able to see  various floors and aspects of the hospital. Seattle Children’s Hospital is a temporary home to families not only in Washington, but also Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and Alaska. 

This trip was able to give the students of Fife High School a true look into how their club was able to give back to the community. Fife FCCLA partnered with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to sell balloons. The goal was to sell 1000 balloons to help raise funds and awareness for Seattle Children’s Hospital. These paper balloons represent $1.00 that a person, donated; all donations stay local and go to Seattle Children’s Hospital. With these donations the hospital is able to give top-notch care, buy new equipment, and help the families in unfavorable situations. Anything donated, whether it be pj’s, movies, books truly make all the difference in the world to these families and children. Fife FCCLA surpassed their goal and raised over $1,400 while also donating 114 pairs of pajamas,  50 homemade pillowcases, 20 blankets, and countless coloring books, crayons and nail polish for the kids. 

It is one thing to hear about something and putting your money towards it, but it is a whole different thing to actually be able to see first hand where the money is going and how it is making a difference. This field trip was a great opportunity for the students to see the difference a community could make in the lives of these children and their family! 

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