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Meet our Seattle Children’s CMNH ‘Firecrackers’

At the heart of every great organization are passionate employees, and the same can be said for Seattle Children’s Hospital’s Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals team!

In a tight-knit team of three director Kira Haller, gift officer Betsy Rand, and program manager Cristy Magill work collaboratively and creatively with their CMNH partners to help raise funds for Seattle Children’s Hospital, helping to deliver innovative treatments and healthcare to children who otherwise could not afford it.

Over the next few months you will meet each Seattle Children’s CMNH team member individually, but let’s take this time to recognize our Seattle Children’s CMNH ‘firecrackers’ for all of their hard work!

Seattle Children’s CMNH team Cristy (left), Betsy (center), and Kira (right) at the CMNH conference in Orlando, March 2018.

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