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A Look Inside: Phi Delta Epsilon WA Alpha Anatomy Fashion Show

A guest blog by Annabella Li 

The Anatomy Fashion Show at the University of Washington’s Phi Delta Epsilon WA Alpha Chapter started three years ago as a way to fundraise for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, while raising awareness for a variety of diseases and putting on a spectacular show that combined the arts and sciences. Members as well as volunteers take on roles as models, artists, hosts, and many others, in order to put together an annual fashion show like event, in which models walk down the runway painted with anatomical structures and diseases.

Behind the scenes, models and artists started preparing as early as 7 hours before the event – one member who modeled the “Half Skeletal, Half Muscular System” (pictured left) took the whole 7 hours to paint! Hosts of the show rehearsed countless times to perfect their lines, and the decor team also spent many hours setting up the runway as well as a photobooth and beautifully drawn organ wall stickers. While it’s a hectic day every year, the results of the show never fail to amaze.

This year, UW’s PhiDE WA Alpha Chapter raised over $4000 for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals!


Thank you PhiDE and all the wonderful artists and supporters who made this year’s event such a success!

Annabella Li is a sophomore majoring in Psychology. She is currently the PR Chair of UW’s PhiDE WA Alpha Chapter, and the Anatomy Fashion Show has been one of her favorite moments in PhiDE. She’s already looking forward to next year!