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2021 Year in Review

Happy New Year, everyone! All of us here at Seattle Children’s want to thank you for a fantastic 2021.

Your generous donations are having remarkable impact at Seattle Children’s, ensuring that we have the ability to utilize that money for whatever the most urgent and important needs are at the time, such as:

– Expert care for children throughout Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho.

– Uncompensated care for families with little or no ability to pay.

– Seed funding for research advances that lead to better health outcomes.

– More space for the most vulnerable children, including those who seek emergency services, cancer treatment and critical care.

When a sick or injured child needs treatment at Seattle Children’s, parents have many concerns. But thanks to your generosity, they don’t need to worry about the quality of their child’s care – or their ability to pay. Your giving brings healing to children and peace of mind to their families.

Thank you for your thoughtful donations and for helping make 2021 unforgettable. Let’s take this great success into the new year and continue making miracles happen!!